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At Nahum Heritage Foundation, we consider 8th grade the perfect time for youth to begin their leadership journey. IMG-20170624-WA011It is at this formative stage in life that many begin to thinking deeply about profound questions of existence, like “Who am I? Why am I here?” and “How can I save the world?”  The Rising Leaders Training Program helps in forming the foundation for them to make informed choices at this critical time. Our self-discovery assessment, which is unique to each child, helps identify the intrinsic leadership qualities and skills they need to hone to become an effective leader. To learn more about the course content, use the link below.



Specifically tailored towards 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, this program helps build confidence in youths by instilling in them the leadership skills they need to pursue their dreams and life aspirations. Through a blend of classroom and hand-on life-changing experiences, participants are stretched beyond their comfort zone to discover and develop their potentials.

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The young entrepreneurs training program is an entry-level program targeted towards 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th-grade youths.IMG-20170512-WA007 We introduce youths to concepts that will ignite their entrepreneur mindset and help them develop important characteristics needed to become successful entrepreneurs.  This program will teach participants to conceive a business idea, develop a business plan, start-up a business and management concepts. The program curriculum is divided into two levels and covers the modules below


The youth Career In motion program is an integrated career development program that blends career readiness with academic success. By identifying their career interest and corresponding education path, we help participants develop the soft skills they need to succeed in the workplace and in higher education settings. Using an individual learning plan (ILP) we cover the following modules for both Levels I and II of the program.


Many leading causes of death, diseases, and disability can be significantly reduced if not eliminated by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Boy In Hospital Gown About To Get An InjectionThe Youth Health to Heart program brings to the heart the importance of maintaining healthy habits. The program provides learning experiences in nutrition, disease prevention, healthy life skills, mental health, safety, community health promotion, and decision-making. We are creating youth leaders who are not just prosperous in career and academic pursuit but also leading a healthy life. To learn more about our programs and the course outline, use the link below.


The Young Leaders Mentoring Program allows us to match young leaders with professionals that provide guidance to youth in various areas. The goal is to give youths the opportunity to work with someone that has passed through a similar path to career success. Applications are carefully screened to make sure potential mentors have the skill-sets and the moral ethics to act as a guide to our youth participant as they journey through the path of academic, career and leadership advancement. To learn more about this program. Please use the link

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